How do I delete or close my account?

Your account can be deleted or closed, read the article to find out how

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Deleting your account is NOT REVERSIBLE

You should not be deleting your account if you have ONGOING STUDENTS

Both ourselves and our students expect a minimal level of professionalism to be maintained by tutors, that includes when they are exiting the platform. This means that any student you take on, you should be seeing through to the end of the academic year as a minimum.

There is never any real need to delete your account, as you can simply turn off notifications. We do not charge for maintaining accounts, and your tutor statistics will remain in place. However, if you are certain you will not be returning to the platform and you would like to delete your account, you can open the account tab and scroll to the bottom:

Click on delete account and you will be asked to confirm your choice:

Once you confirm you will be logged out

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