How does the Spires calendar work?

The calendar function on Spires can be used to schedule, rearrange and cancel classes

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The Spires calendar can be used to schedule, rearrange and cancel classes. It is also a useful way to see what classes are have been confirmed and which classes still need to be confirmed by the student.

The Spires calendar does not integrate with other calendars. If you would like to export confirmed classes to your own calendar see the article here.

Opening the calendar tab will show you a view like this:

On the left, there is are arrows to adjust the time period being displayed. and a drop down that will change between day, week, month and agenda view. The agenda view will only display upcoming classes like this:

Clicking on the white space of the calendar will allow you to schedule a class, however the pop up is a little different to the others as it also lets you select which student you want to offer the class to:

The select client function will let you select any student who has previously taken a class with you, so long as the job has not been closed

Clicking a confirmed class (in green) will let you cancel or reschedule that class:

And the same will apply if you click on a requested (orange) class:

Clicking on a past class will show information for the class

You can see our general article on scheduling classes and a video by following the link

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