All tutors on Spires are Self-Employed and responsible for their own tax affairs. If you live inside the UK, then you need to submit your earnings on Spires to HMRC via Self-Assessment and register with them to get a UTR and National Insurance Number. If you live outside of the UK then you need to report your earnings to your local tax authority.

As a self-employed tutor, you are not covered by UK employment rights and as such you are not eligible for holiday pay, sick pay and/or pensions from Spires.

Please note that students on Tier 2 and Tier 4 Student Visas cannot be Self-Employed in the UK and cannot be tutors on Spires, unless their Visa status changes or they return to their country of origin to tutor from there.

If you are a UK resident you will need a National Insurance number and a Unique Tax Reference Code to complete your tax returns. If you do not have either of these, you must obtain them from HMRC. If you cannot obtain them, you do not have eligibility to tutor on Spires.

  1. National Insurance Number - You can find your National Insurance number on any pay slip, P60 or tax return. If you don't have these documents, please click here.

  2. Unique Tax Reference Code - You will need to contact HMRC and register as self-employed within 3 months of beginning tutoring either by phone or apply online here: It is simplest to register as a sole trader using your own name as a company name. They will give you a Unique Tax Reference number and send an activation code to you by post which needs to be used within 7 days.

The self-assessment deadline for your tax returns is around the 31st of January each year. You can simply download a record of your earnings from the past classes tab in Spires and add the total to your self-assessment tax return.

International tutors resident outside of the UK must comply with their local tax authorities' rules.

Spires cannot be held liable for any tax or employment issues. These are the sole responsibility of the tutors.

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