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Was my Application Successful?

You will always be notified by email

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We review all applications twice a week, and will invite the tutors who we think are a good fit for the platform (according to this criteria) to interview by email within a few days of a successful application.

We consider all applications. If yours was not successful, you will also be notified by email also. If you have not been invited to interview then we do not believe there is an immediate likelihood of getting work for you and there is no need to follow up with us. We will however keep your details on file and will progress your application if the opportunity arises in the future.

Generally, for tutors who meet our criteria but still do not get invited to interview, this is simply due to a lack of demand in your subject on Spires, or because we have enough tutors in your subjects already. But as the platform is growing, shortages do occur and then we will reach out. If you have applied, but not heard back, we have almost certainly emailed you, so please check your inboxes and spam folders. We send a rejection email to every unsuccessful application.

If you have been invited to interview, well done! There are further articles on the interview and how to prepare, as well as how to tutor online in this guide.

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