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Why haven't I been paid yet?

This article explains all the issues and questions about payments to tutors

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Start by checking your payments tab.

IMPORTANT: Please use the payments page to check there are no outstanding issues, such as providing documents or log in to your Paypal account and make sure there are no problems with it

After a class is done, it takes 48 hours to clear. We allow this time to account for mistakes in logging the time at the end of the class. During this time, the tutor can click the refund button to allow the student

After this the class is then ready for payout, and is transferred to your Spires account in the deposits & withdrawals section. It is automatically paid on the following Friday. A class has to be logged before Tuesday midnight (GMT) for you to be sent the payment for it on Friday. Any other class payments will be sent the following week.

Please note that bank transfers take 3-5 working days to complete and when the payment has been completed it will appear in a green box

Please check your payment dates, and the status of existing classes.

If the class cleared after Tuesday midnight, it will be automatically paid out the following Friday.

If there was a problem with your bank account then as soon as it is configured correctly, the system will begin processing the payment.

If there was an issue with Paypal, or the article has not resolved your issue then contact us on the blue button.

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