How to share files with a tutor

Using the 'Share File' button in the messenger

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Using the 'Share File' button in the messenger, both you and a tutor can share files with each other and create a dropbox of resources for your classes together.

Anyone that receives a file will be notified by email to let them know a file has been sent to them.

For files you send, you will see a green tick if the file has been opened by the tutor, or a grey tick if they have not opened it, but they have received it.

Files shared with you that you have not opened will be red and ones you have opened will be blue:

Please note: The maximum file size is 100 MB and files will only be stored for 30 days.

You can also use 'Share File' function from your mobile phone, except when you tap it you also have the option to use your camera to take a picture to upload. This can be very helpful if you need to get something checked over quickly by your tutor, such as a particular answer or problem that you would like to work on.

See the full guide on communicating with tutors.

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