IMPORTANT: The following instructions are for those tutors who started their DBS applications on or before 10/02/22 and applied through Capita. New applications should be made using the instructions here

The process

Through our partnership with The Tutors Association (TTA), we have developed the steps detailed in this article for UK based tutors to apply for an Enhanced DBS Check.

Please ensure you READ this article carefully. If you do not follow the instructions in the article, your application will be delayed and it will not be up to the Spires team or the TTA to correct your application, it is up to you to ensure that you have followed the instructions carefully.

Ensure you are sending copies of valid documents, and any pictures should have clearly legible text. If the documents cannot be read, or they are out of date, they will be declined.

1. You will need THREE pieces of personal identification, one must be a valid passport. Non-UK passport holders must provide a Biometric Residency permit or government document showing proof to live/work in the UK. If these instructions are not followed, your application will not go ahead.

The others can be any two of the following:

  • Photo Driving Licence - We have been told by our partners at the TTA that this is a preferred document as it is helpful in speeding up the process

  • Bank statement - This too is a preferred document, our partners at the TTA have said the financial part can be covered/removed as long as they can see the key information (your name and address) and that it is a bank statement

  • Council tax statement

  • Birth Certificate

  • National ID card

  • Utility bill

  • Financial statement

  • Immigration letter

2. Copies of the identity documents will need to be certified, you can do this through the service offered by the Post Office, or a Chartered Accountant, Chartered Secretary, or another professional can do this. This usually costs £10

3. Go to, click on "Start application" under standard/enhanced DBS application:

On the following page enter:

  • Organisation Reference: TTA

  • Organisation Code: tutor2014

Then proceed to complete the form.

It is very important to fill in as many details as possible, especially middle names, if any appear on your identity documents. The details you provide must match the details on your identity documents. Any discrepancies will result in your application being delayed.

4. Once you have completed the form, please email [email protected] and CC [email protected], sending copies of your certified identity documents. In the email write that you are a Spires tutor applying for an Enhanced DBS.

Please note: The images you send should be of a sensible size and the text must be easily legible.

5. Once the correct, certified documents are received, their details will be entered into your initial application and an email will be sent to you confirming that the application has been approved for process.

6. Once the DBS have completely approved your application, they will contact the TTA with your certificate number and issue date. The TTA will then forward this information on to you in a final email.

Final note: Certificates are posted directly from the DBS body. This is usually by return, with requests for a copy only considered once 14 days have passed from the issue date.

Please note that they have a 30 day time frame from the date of issue to request a copy. Their contact number is 03000 200 190.

If you do not hear anything back, then contact the TTA on [email protected] and send them your long reference number. They can then try and help you from there.

Once you receive your DBS check

You can upload your certificate to your profile page. We will then need to manually check this, and we check for new uploads each morning of the work week. For further details see the article on background checks.

Upon receiving your Enhanced DBS you can use this link to join the renewal service. We highly recommend that you join the renewal service, as it is far more straightforward than getting a new DBS done. It costs about £19 per year, and your check remains up to date all the time.

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