When the tutor is ready and you click 'Open Classroom', your computer will open a Zoom call and connect you with the tutor.

You will first be asked to allow your browser to open zoom. Click 'Allow'.

You will then be asked to join with Video. Click 'Join with video'.

After joining the call, you will be asked how you want to connect to the audio, click on 'Join with Computer Audio'

There are many features in Zoom, the most important being settings, starting/stopping your video and audio, chat, screen sharing and minimising and closing zoom.

Microphone, Speaker and Webcam settings

You can select which microphone/speakers settings by clicking the arrow pointing up next to the microphone icon:

You can do the same for your video/webcam settings using the arrow next tot he video button:

Make sure the correct devices are selected or you will have problems hearing your tutor and being seen by them.

You can mute/unmute your microphone and turn your video/off by click on the microphone and camera buttons themselves.

There is a guide here on what to do if you are having audio problems.


In Zoom, you can send messages, links and files to the other person by clicking on the 'Chat' button.

Screen sharing

Clicking 'Share screen' lets you share your desktop view, a second camera, or any open application or window in the background for other parties to see.

You can then choose what you want the other person to see:

It is a very powerful tool for online tutoring, but also very heavy on your computer's resources. You might hear your fans spinning up, so turn it off when you are not using it to improve your device performance and audio quality, particularly if using an in-built laptop speaks and mic for audio.

Minimising and closing zoom

You can minimise Zoom so that it becomes a small square and just shows the video. Just click the minimise button on the top bar (may look different for Macs).

You can then make it larger, or maximise the window by clicking the highlighted button which says "Exit Minimised Video"

To end the meeting or exit zoom, simply click End Meeting / Leave on the right.

Video Recordings

All classes are automatically recorded on Spires.

You will be notified by email when the recording is ready to be downloaded and you can them in your 'History' tab.

Class recordings are stored for 30 days and then deleted so please download them if you wish to keep them.

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